The theme of your wedding can make or break your big day. From the specific colours to what your interests are and the time of year, the theme is a very important aspect of your wedding day. Choosing your theme is quite easy. What time of the year is it? Are there any specific interests that you and your partner share? What does your choice of venue look like? Here are a few examples of different wedding themes:



If you want a bit of a rustic touch to your wedding, then a barn wedding is the way to go. Add many warm fairy lights for a cosy effect. Flowers can either be autumnal or pale such as pale pinks and purples. Keep table centerpieces quite simple with very little silver or bling. Use pale golds or wood. Go for creme coloured tablecloths and wooden chairs or Tiffany chairs.


Fantasy Garden:

If your wedding takes place in the summer, then a fantasy garden themed wedding is a good option. Choose a venue that has a garden big enough to set up a couple tables. Centerpieces should have loads of greenery such as moss, eucalyptus or any other kind of green plant. If you want flowers then go for pale colours or use desert rose succulents. Lace and lots of little candles add to the fantasy part of the theme.



Vintage themes are one of the most popular wedding themes and its easy to see why. Vintage themes are simple yet quite elegant and there are many different types of ‘vintage’ that you can choose from. You can use old hardcover books with lace and paper/real flowers. You can use bird cages with flowers in them. Wooden discs and different kinds of bottles with flowers are a good choice. You can choose any colour flower and just add a bit of greenery, like eucalyptus and moss. Lace and lots of little candles add a nice touch.



If you like both the vintage and garden themes you can always combine the two and have a forest themed wedding. Use lots of different types of greenery and only a small amount of flowers for just a pop of colour. The key too this theme is wood, lots of wooden discs in different sizes. Plain white or creme coloured candles give it a nice cosy effect. As with the vintage theme you can use bird cages and bottles but with more greenery and less flowers.


At the end of the day the theme is up too you and your partner and pretty much anything goes. From Lord of the Rings to Star Wars, the possibilities are endless.