Weddings generally never lack entertainment, there is always that one family member who has a little too much to drink and breaks down on the dance floor. Yet sometimes it is helpful to have a little extra entertainment to ensure you and your guests have a great time. Here are a few examples of ways to keep smiles all around:

Giant Tic-Tac-Toe:


Giant cutout noughts and crosses are a fun way to keep your guests busy while you and partner are busy taking photos.

Night-time Bowling:


For some night-time fun why not put glow sticks in bottles of water and enjoy some bowling? This is especially good for summer weddings when the warm weather hangs around all night.

Sack Races:


A game usually meant for children but enjoyed by those young at heart who love to fool around, sack races are sure to keep everyone bursting with laughter.

Giant Jenga:


Probably one of the most popular wedding games, giant jenga is something everyone will love.

Hula Hoop Battles:


For some reception fun why not hold a hula hoop battle? Split up those that want to play into two teams, the winner of each team then go up against one another. Whoever wins gets a prize, for example a R200 bar tab.

Limbo Contest:

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Hold a limbo contest where the winner wins a bar tab.

Dance Battles:


Another competition-based game but sure to keep your guests having loads of fun. The winner is determined by how loud the crowd cheers. The winner gets a bar tab, if there is a tie then the bar tab is shared between the two.

These are just a few examples but there are many other games that you can have at your wedding to make sure every is having the best time. Use your imagination and people will never forget it.