Having a physical memory of your wedding is always great, something you can look at years later and remember one of the best days of your life. Guestbooks can be anything; the traditional book or you can be creative with it. Here are a few examples of creative guestbook ideas.

Tape/video recorders:


Put out a few tape/video recorders and get your guests to record a message for you and your partner.

Giant initial:


Build a giant initial (surname) and have your guests sign their names on it. After the wedding you can mount it on a wall in your home.



Buy a globe and get your guests to sign their names on their favourite place or a place they would like to visit.

Polaroid pictures:


Buy a Polaroid camera, some film and a scrapbook; your guests take a photo of themselves, stick it in the book and write a little message. Now when you flip through it some years later you can put a face to the name.



Get a brand new bible and have your guests highlight their favourite verse.

A glass window:


Get a window, some pens you can write on glass with and your guests can sign their names on the window. You can use this window in your house and it’ll always be a constant reminder of your wedding day.

Laser cut hearts in a frame:


One of the more popular ones is a frame with loose laser cut hearts. Your guests each sign a heart and drop it into a frame.

Guestbooks don’t necessarily have to be a physical book, use your imagination. Try incorporate something you and your partner love or just something you can put up in your house. The possibilities are endless.